Cliff’s wife is having an issue with her Windows account: “I love your tip site. Very interesting and helpful. For some reason I cannot find out where you submit a question for a tip. My wife and I have a new laptop Toshiba with the new windows 10 installed. Last week for some unknown reason by me, My signed is okay and the start button and new notification works as it should. When my wife signs in the start button does not work nor does the notification works. When you click on it the little blue courser comes on but then nothing happens and then it goes out. To change users she has to right click the start button and sign out before I can sign in. Is this something you can address? Thank you very much and I really enjoy your tips and deals.”


Cliff, I think her user settings may have become corrupt. I suggest creating a new user account. Click here for an article that explains how to do it.

Let me know if it works.

~ Cynthia