Lyn has nothing but good things to say about the upgrade to Windows 10. “I had been putting off going to Win 10 because I hate what it did to our computer at home. Will not go into that. And yesterday it asked me again if I was ready to upgrade and I click on “later”. However, it instantly began town loading win 10. So, I sat and accepted the change. After a few minutes my screen went black. I waited and waited because that damn thing say “DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PC”. So I was afraid to touch it. I waited for about 3 hours to a black screen and I am not a known for being patient. I,finally, got mad and turned it off and back on; “low and Behold” Win 10 was up and running. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. JUST liked my Win 7 and nothing is gone or lost. I’m pleasantly pleased.”


It’s nice to hear from someone who had a pleasant experience with their upgrade. My own upgrade was pretty much like that. No so much as a file folder moved on my desktop and I was able to get right back to work.  For those of you who have upgraded, how was your experience? Smooth sailing or rough waters? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia