Windows 10: Upgrading Was Easy

Lyn has nothing but good things to say about the upgrade to Windows 10. “I had been putting off going to Win 10 because I hate what it did to our computer at home. Will not go into that. And yesterday it asked me again if I was ready to upgrade and I click on “later”. However, it instantly began town loading win 10. So, I sat and accepted the change. After a few minutes my screen went black. I waited and waited because that damn thing say “DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PC”. So I was afraid to touch it. I waited for about 3 hours to a black screen and I am not a known for being patient. I,finally, got mad and turned it off and back on; “low and Behold” Win 10 was up and running. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. JUST liked my Win 7 and nothing is gone or lost. I’m pleasantly pleased.”


It’s nice to hear from someone who had a pleasant experience with their upgrade. My own upgrade was pretty much like that. No so much as a file folder moved on my desktop and I was able to get right back to work.  For those of you who have upgraded, how was your experience? Smooth sailing or rough waters? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Disastew!!! Windows 10 download was inbedded with other windows updates and the system would not process any of the updates for windows!!! with outside support I was told that there was no fix for the problem and my system would eventually fail because windows updates could not be prodessed!!!

  2. More difficult to use new system. Spent a lot of time back & forward. I just started with your new tutorial and fell it will help.

  3. I’ve upgraded 3 computers to windows 10. Like others, one went to a black screen and said to wait and not turn off the machine. Of course, after all that time, I did turn it off and my father in law is happy with the result. As for my 2 computers, the only problem I’ve had with update has been that some of my game programs no longer work. Rise of Nations for example.


  5. I have downloaded Windows 10 on both our desktop and our laptop without any problems. We bought a laptop to give to a friend at Christmas and when it came in the other day it came with Windows 8, upgradeable to Windows 10…I went ahead and upgraded it for them so when they start off it will be all set. Again no problems with the update.

  6. Long after I upgrade fro 8.1 to Win 10 one day I started it up and when I clicked on some link to a story in AOL it came up magnified. Takes up the whole screen and then doesn’t display everything. I used to bring up my local papers weather states from NOAA Now it isn’t there on this exploded view for some reason. People say it is easy to fix, but you have to know where to look. I have looked and haven’t found how to correct it yet. Also, I once looked at the Movie Making program but it told me I had the old version so couldn’t use it. As I bought the Toshiba as a 8.0 and Microsoft upgraded me to 8.1 and I opted for 10 I don’t know what they are talking about.

  7. I upgraded to windows ten last week. The first thing I noticed was my Blu-ray player had disappeared from my list of hard drives. I looked at Pioneer’s site and there are no upgrades available. It is about five years old, and doesn’t even appear on Pioneer’s site under upgrades.

    I also found all the photographs on my hard drive had been collected into one folder, although previously I had them in various, to suit myself. In fact although still there, My Pictures, MY Videos and My Music were inaccessible. I also found a lot of previous music in I-tunes were no longer there, although they were still on my hard drive, elsewhere.

    The following day I reverted to Windows 7, and everything is working perfectly and as it was.

  8. I made the comment above. Second story,, 2 day into the Win 10 the screen went black and stayed that way.. Turn on and off and still black. Got on smart phone and read things for people who got the “black screen” and no cursor and found no solutions. “black Screen” with cursor seemed to have solutions. I took computer to my neighbor who is my computer guru and even though I had turn it off an on several time with no results. He turned it on and it worked perfectly. D%#&m, so he still thinks I’m an idiot. But now working great

  9. It upgraded quite easily on all three of our computers, two desk tops and 1 lap, but I did have some problems with my older printer drivers. I had to go to HP and download some new drivers. After doing that, everything seems to be working well.

  10. Downloading Win 10 went well though it took hours – like 10. It is nice to have some features of the previous versions as well as the new with Win 10. I’ve not discovered anything missing. I’m learning about new features as I go, and there’s a lot to learn. I’m looking forward to becoming more proficient with 10. One thing that’s unusual is the stubborn ‘sticking’ of the cursor – it ‘freezes’ – and irratic behaviour of the touchpad, which I haven’t been able to turn off. I haven’t figured out the problem with these yet.

    1. You get an answer let me know. Am having the same problem. But that didn’t start until about a week after the download.

  11. I had 8.1 and hated it. Took 5 hours to download Win10 but I love it so far. It was a lot easier to learn (and still learning). I am 86 years old and I was afraid it would be beyond me. Some things I don’t know but I am going to keep trying and asking for help. Your site helps a lot. Thanks!!

  12. My experience was a nightmare. I also chose to install at a later date so I could backup important personal files, but it went right ahead and installed instantly. I lost all my personal files, folders, spreadsheets and tax data and was completely devastated by this!! I contacted Windows 10 support and they said they had never heard of this being an issue lol. They asked for the model number of my HP computer and after they did some research, said my computer was “not quite” compatible with Windows 10, even though they told me initially my computer is compatible and I will not lose any files. They told me that I was in luck however, because HP has a fix for this now “known issue” and gave me the number to call them. So I called with high hopes and they said that yes indeed they can “most likely” get my files back…..and that it would only cost me an affordable (according to them) rate of what amounts to $300 Canadian. Needless to say I lost my freaking mind at this. Two things I will never do again….buy a Microsoft or HP product, and I will spread the word far and wide about how they “fixed” my problem. Money is a serious issue for me right now and there is no way I can spend that kind of money so I’m basically screwed. They are holding my files for ransom…this is a travesty and I’m completely disgusted and devastated about everything I have lost.

    1. Please, any help or advice at all with this would be greatly appreciated…I’ve lost so much important data I am truly devastated by this. I would have backed up my files but did not get the chance

  13. My laptop also kept trying to update automatically from Win 7. Finally bit the bullet and did it. Although I absolutely hated 8, and took back that laptop to find another one with 7, 10 is very easy to use. I was concerned as it said Broadcom virtual wireless adaptor was not compatible and the internet might not work. There was a problem with it, but I myself was able to troubleshoot even without access to the internet. Your Guide, Cynthia, has been very helpful learning Win 10. I’m almost halfway through with it. You’ve made it easy to understand, and you’ve were thorough with instructions. Many thanks!!

  14. I had been running Windows 7. I’m legally blind, and my large screen TV is my monitor; I can’t see a regular monitor. So I have to use a keyboard and mouse; I can’t see to do the “swiping” thing.I upgraded to Windows 10; it went really smoothly, and fast, and I absolutely love it! I think it is easy to use, and simple to understand.

  15. Lost a good percent of my pictures 🙁 and the ones I do have are no longer in the folders I had set up. Took forever to find out why my cursor kept blinking. Turned out to be the program that ran the finger print id. Deleted that and now. The biggest complaint besides losing my pictures as how much speed I lost. Takes forever to load anything.

  16. It has been a nightmare. All files changed or missing. Cortana was no help at all. She wanted a code. She said she would send to my e-mail address. She never did. This went back and forth numerous times, she never sent any e-mails with a code,and would not help without one. I exported my “favorites”. Windows 10 will let me access them sometimes, sometimes not. It’s very frustrating. It took things off my desktop, now I have to go thru my browser for everything. It takes me twice as long to do everything. Like I said, my whole experience on the computer is very frustrating since downloading Windows 10!

  17. I, like Lyn had been putting off upgrading to Windows 10, but finally decided to just download the installation files to do the upgrade at a later date. I was also surprised when, after finally finishing the download (I am on a wireless connection), it wanted to do the upgrade. I clicked on the “Later” box, but it immediately started the install. After the installation, it asked me to enter my password. After I entered my password the screen went black and just my mouse pointer came back on the screen. I waited for a couple hours, and when nothing came back on the screen, I too shut my computer all the way down and restarted it after a few minutes. When the computer booted up, it came all the way into Windows 10. Nothing seemed to be out of place, but there were a few new desktop icons that weren’t there before the upgrade.

  18. Had reservation for download- kept receiving message that it would be soon. After 4 months I took computer to geek squad and they took care of download for me. No problems so far; had to rearrange a few desktop icons. Any questions I have – I go to my World Start Windows 10 guide. Smooth sailing so far

  19. The upgrade went smoothly on my laptop from Windows 7.
    DVD player will not work anymore. My Microsoft LifeCam H6000 camera/video attachment bogs down and stops recording. (pooh). Seems no way to upgrade that. And worst of all, Edge browser will just intermittently close in the middle of a search or browse. Also, that browser will not support many online videos and mp3s. Have to use Chrome more than not.

  20. Took about 40 minutes and was seamless transition. May be one of the easiest Windows versions yet for use.

  21. I waited until bedtime to set my computer to download Windows 10. I really didn’t want it because I loved my XP. But I set it to download when I went to bed and when I got up the next morning, it was all done. It’s fine and lets me do what I need to do, but I miss my XP, and the Windows 10 downloads my emails and everything else I want to read very slowly, even though I have fiber-optic DSL!

  22. Had a very good experience downloading Windows 10. No problems so far. Have been recommending others give it a shot. I had Windows 7 and could never do what I did with XP but managed to get along. I haven’t explored all of 10 yet so we shall see if I run into any bumps.

  23. I was having a problem with my printer but got that straightened out. Yay I can print stuff now. Still having a problem trying to send pictures by email. I guess I will soon.

  24. I had Windows 7. I spent hours backing up everything. I finally clicked the update , it took maybe 2 hours of restarting,and to my surprise I did not need anything backed up!! I am really satisfied with Windows 10. I have had a few questions on finding things, but I just click onto Worldstart and find my answers

  25. What a nightmare..Cortana wanted a code also. Windows 10 added all these extr icons. I requested my 8.1 back and I have it. The icons are still there.

  26. My upgrade was fantastic, did not take long at all and everything was as it had been. Could not have been a better experience and that was on my laptop. Also upgraded my hp tablet, my husbands laptop and desktop and no problems with any of them. Although the desktop did take the longest to upgrade, but not that much longer. I’m so happy with 10 so is my husband and he’s not real computer savvy and he finds this the easiest operating system yet, hardly asks how do I???? as it’s so easy to use.

  27. For me I didn’t have any problem wit the down loading of my Windows 10. All my desktop icons and folders were there when my laptop restarted and windows 10 came up. the only thing that I disliked that all the windows app icons didn’t come back and when I go to the widows store and down load a app from there the item that I want does down load but the app icon doesn’t show up on the screen but I do see it to the left side where you go to sign out when you click on the 3 or 4 bars below the circle to restart,sign off or sleep. How do I get those app icons back to the main screen.

  28. I was excited to try Windows 10, so I downloaded it as soon as it became available. Well, I wish I had waited. Ever since then, my computer has had issue after issue. Fortunately my antivirus provider, Comodo, has an app called GeekBuddy which, when given remote access,will , provides a tech genius “Geek” who fixes what is wrong. On one of these occasions (and there have far too many!) I asked the Geek if this was because of Windows 10. He said many people he has helped have started having problems after downloading it. He commented that people who were upgrading from 8.1 had far less problems, if any. I had windows 7 and a Dell computer. I have had the same person often, which results in some interesting conversations. I advised my husband not to download Windows 10. He has Windows 7 and plans to keep that unless they stop support for it. He has had little need for our GeekBuddy. I wish this had never happened. I don’t want to have to buy a new computer, but I might consider it if these problems don’t stop.

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