In The News 12-11-15

$2000 Smart Coffee Maker Promises Perfect Cup

Want your morning coffee brewed at the perfect temperature? You may want to ask Santa for the PrimaDonna Elite coffee maker. The $2255 model lets you set the coffee’s strength and the precise temperature of your drink.


It can adjust the amount of coffee and milk to create hundreds of coffee drinks. It comes pre-programmed with 13 types of coffee, but you can use a smartphone app to create hundreds more.

You can also use the app to start a cup brewing remotely so it will be ready when you get out of bed or arrive home.

Songanza Shutting Down

The increasingly competitive music streaming market has claimed another victim. Songanza is shutting down and will become part of Google Play Music.

Google acquired Songanza in 2014, and following their usual pattern after an acquisition, they integrated parts of the service into other Google products and then closed it down.

Google says users won’t lose playlists and that paid subscribers will have access to the YouTube Red paid streaming service.

Former Microsoft CEO Says Universal Apps Won’t Work

Former Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer criticized the company’s attempts to boost its place in the smartphone market. Microsoft is concentrating on universal apps that work with Windows 10 PCs and tablets and also work on Windows Phones.

One of the big criticisms of Windows phones is their limited app store. Ballmer says the company should concentrate on running Android apps on Windows phones.

He might have some pull in the matter. Ballmer is the largest single stockholder in the company.

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