Windows 10: Schedule Restarts

The days have gone when there were “Remind me in 3 hours” pop-ups for restarting after updates in Windows.  Windows 10 offers a feature to help the users scheduling the restarts to install windows updates. Now, restarts can be scheduled manually through windows update settings. This is pretty helpful as it saves a lot of time.

To schedule a manual restart, go to “Settings”. If you can’t find settings, just type the keyword in the text box located on the right side of the start menu icon. It will show a search result like the image below. From there, you have access to all the settings under Win10.


Go to “Update and Security” and choose “Windows Update” from the list located at the left side. If you have downloaded the updates and windows needs a restart, click on “advanced options” and select “notify to schedule restart” instead of “automatic”.


After downloading the update, a dialog box will be displayed inside “Windows update” saying “A restart has been scheduled”. From here, you can select a specific restart day and time according to your requirements and you are good to go.



Finally, Windows 10 has introduced a brand new contact support. I personally consider this one the best move that Microsoft did with this version. Users can now easily contact through phone or chat with Microsoft Support for any query related to “Windows Accounts and Billing” or “Services and Apps”. To access the contact support app in Windows 10, just type “Contact Support” in the search box located just to the right of Start Menu Icon.


After opening the application, there will be two options i.e. Accounts and Billing or Services and Apps. You can select anything related to your query. You can get live support through phone or chat or you can also schedule a call. Microsoft Support is available 24/7.


~ Adrian

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  1. What works for me is, after I get a notification of an installed update, to just manually restart my computer when I am finished using it, for now. Then, when I want to use it again, the update has been installed, and my computer is ready to go.

  2. I’m way behind in my reading of your tips but this one caught my eye. With the limited bandwidth of a satellite connection I would like to schedule my downloads, especially when I do the upgrade to Win 10. Is there a way for Win 8 (and 10) to take advantage of OFF PEAK time?

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