Microsoft says it’s time to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11. Starting January 12, 2016, they will stop offering security support for Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10. Every operating system must use the most recent version of IE available. For Windows 7,  Windows 8 & 8.1, and Windows 10 that’s Internet Explorer 11. The one exception is for those using Windows Vista. Internet Explorer 9 will be supported on that operating system until support for Vista ends in 2017.


That means there will be no security support available for Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Even if you have third-party security support, they won’t have the necessary information from Microsoft to permanently stop threats.

If you can upgrade to IE 11, you need to do it. If not, consider switching to another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

That’s pretty much it for home users. Unless you’re using Vista, you need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11.


For some business operations, it’s a little different. If your business is running Windows Server, you’ll need to be upgraded to the following versions of IE by January.


And those running Windows Embedded Operating Systems in certain other devices like cash registers are on a different schedule as well.


However, for home users, security support, non-security support and technical updates will be finished as of January. You don’t see any information for Windows XP, because support for XP stopped back in 2014.

To update to Internet Explorer 11, click here.

If you aren’t sure what version of Internet Explorer you’re running, go to your browser’s settings and select About Internet Explorer.

~ Cynthia