Mandatory Live Mail Update Has Issues

I got this e-mail from a reader. “MicroSoft is doing it again. They want me to download and install a new or revised Windows Live Mail 2012. I usually just do all upgrades without question but this one scares me. Do you know if this latest¬† will change what Windows Live Mail 2012 looks like on my screen to the Mail in Windows 10? I hate the Windows 10 Mail and would rather stay with Windows Live Mail 2012. I’m asking before I upgrade.”


I wish I had some good news here. Microsoft requiring an update to Windows Live Mail. Without the update, soon the program won’t be able to send or receive e-mails with Microsoft e-mail accounts. That includes, Hotmail, Live and MSN addresses.¬† But the update is buggy as all get out. It’s causing all sorts of crashing issues. I’d suggest holding off until they can get it right.

What Microsoft wants is for you to to switch to their godawful… I mean ummm… stripped down Mail Apps.

Right now I’d suggest maybe downloading a an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or paying for Outlook just in case they can’t work out the bugs.

~ Cynthia

13 thoughts on “Mandatory Live Mail Update Has Issues

  1. IMO msft wants to get people to pay for Outlook because they are afraid the new e has too many problems it all about money all of the time

  2. The MS forums point out that this patch was not intended for Win 10 OS. Poor wording on the part of MS gives the impression that the patch for Win Live Mail 2012 applies to Win 10 OS. Looks like MS could use need proof readers.

  3. They have already screwed up Thunderbird. And the built in App will not allow me to use my email. If they screw up Windows Live and we can’t afford to buy the Outlook what are we going to do?

  4. Those aren’t the only programs screwed up either. My great scanning program that was introduced with my all in one was great. Now the forcing of using an app I can not scan to pdf’s, you can not view what has scanned to reset, etc. And what ever they did they shut off the connection to my original program. I can see it in my programs but can not access. Then tonight they deleted my Firefox browser with their update!!!

  5. Yes, I went for the update, it killed my windows live mail 2012. I had to pay for the new outlook which is the same program, but harder to use. As usual the next group of programers take something good and ruin it.

  6. There is no need to change to another email program. Live mail 2012 is alive & well the patch that has everyone upset was not intended to take Win Live Mail 2012 away or to persuade users to switch to another email client, simply to offer a patch to the older operating systems.

    1. I took the ‘upgrade’ a few days ago and have had NO problems with WLM 2012. I was a bit scared at first to update but everything looks and behaves as before.

    2. Sure changed mine!! I no longer can download the g-mail address email. And when I go to send it has a pop up saying that it is no longer compatible with the security of my server am I sure I want to send! The mail program that comes with 10 is awful along with not being able to make your own files. The g-mail program erases the Windows Live program off your computer!!
      Deleted it and did a system restore to get the Win Live return!! G-mail is only used to be able to use my phone. and Microsoft one to allow my computer to work. Windows 10 is awful but you are forced to use it. Will be more so sooner than later.

  7. I am one of the people not happy with Window Live Mail 12.

    I like to know more about the Thunderbird email.
    Can it be downloaded to Windows and is it similar to window Live mail 12?

    Thank you to anyone answering to my questions.

  8. At present, I’m still on win 7. And my default browser is google and I don’t run on Win live mail and hopefully can stay with my google (along with my yahoo mail account). What surprises lie ahead for me when I change over?

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