Do I Have To Sign Into Windows 10?

I get variations on this questions every day. Here are some examples.

Vicky writes:  I spent the better part of yesterday with a message board trying to figure out a problem with my newly downloaded Windows 10. I guess it really isn’t a problem but it is an aggravation. Anyway, since downloading 10 I have to sign in every start up and wake up. I never had to do that before as I am the only one who uses my computer. I checked and unchecked all the boxes but nothing works. Still have to sign in. Plus I disabled my touch pad and it won’t stay disabled. No matter that I checked the disable box. I guess I will just have to get used to this?

Terry has a similar question:

I have Win 10. I use to boot up without having to put a password but now I have to. I do remember Win 10 asking me to set up an account which I did in but now every time I boot up, I have to enter my password. How do I get rid of this log on issue?

For security purposes, Microsoft really wants that password there. And I know you say you don’t need it. I will advise you not to try to get rid of the password if your PC ever leaves your home or if you have a roommate. Certainly don’t do this on a work PC.

I have a suggestion, which has worked for many people,

Type netplwiz into your search box and click on the result.


A windows will open. Uncheck the box beside Users must enter password. Then click OK and restart your PC.


This should also work on Windows 8. However, it doesn’t work for everyone, because it did not work on my Surface Pro.

Another thing you can do, if you’d still like to keep the password when you log on, but don’t want to have to type it in when you walk away from your PC for a few minutes, is to disable the password requirement for waking from sleep.

Type “sign in options” in the search box and click on the results.


Click the drop-down menu where you can choose if you need a password when the PC wakes up.  Select Never.


Now, you won’t have to put in password if you go too long without touching your mouse or keyboard.

~ Cynthia


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  1. Microsoft wants you to create and use a Microsoft Account if you do that you have to sign in with that account every time Win 10 reboots in the middle of the night because of updates you aren’t allowed to control. You are also, if you read the EULA agreeing to let Microsoft track virtually your every move. I don’t use that account nor Edge nor IE.

    There is another solution, create another user account with full administrative privileges so you can download programs and such with a different name, your name, if you are the only user, for instance. Then set Windows to use that account when starting up. If you do not enter a password for it, you will not have to enter one. Since I live alone and am the only user, that is how I have my machine set up and it works perfectly. I don’t use Cortana for the same reason, I am simply not willing to let Microsoft monitor my every mouseclick and browsing history – I don’t care how “helpful” they think that is, I find it intrusive and prefer not to be tracked which is why I use FireFox and/or Chrome with extensions that allow me to block ads, not be tracked, and still be completely safe – I use Adblock Plus, Web of Trust, Malwarebytes Pro, a paid for antivirus program, Do Not Track and more. One does not have to let a monolith like Microsoft rule ones life unless one wants to.

  2. Thanks for this tip, Cynthia. In an upcoming articles, might you be addressing how to disable touchpad and associated issues?

  3. This did not work for me on my Win 8.1 until I reverse engineered. I had previously seen the window that came up with the search entry of “netplwiz” and the box was unchecked. I solved the problem by checking the box to require sign in. Them I rebooted, went back to the user accounts window, unchecked and rebooted. PROBLEM SOLVED! Good luck on your Surface Pro, Cynthia.

  4. I’m just getting around to upgrading my 8.1 to 10 and want to eliminate the sign in. My question is that if there are more than 1 user shown in the list, do I have to do this process for each one. I show 2 users, the only difference is that after 1 of them, administrator has been added.

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