Facebook Coupon Scam: Don’t Fall For It

There’s a coupon scam making the rounds of Facebook. It promises a 40% off coupon from Kroger  if you just like and share a post. Kroger is a popular grocery chain in the Midwest, but there are also version of this scam that mention Kohl’s Department Stores, Publix, Aldi and many other well-known stores.

But they all work about the same. This post appeared in my feed when a friend shared it.


Click the link and you’ll be directed to this page or one like it.


Users are asked to share the page, comment on Facebook  and then hit Like.


But let’s look at that web address again.


Think you’re on Kroger.com?  You’re not.  You’re actually visiting juggin.pw. One way to check it out is to go to a website like URL Void. Copy and paste the web address into their reputation checker.


While they don’t have much  info on that link, they do let you know that it is a sub-domain of com-juggin.pw and not of Kroger.  Sites like these can contain malware that can damage your computer and steal your information. Any actual offers by Kroger would likely be managed through a Kroger app. Also, you have to ask yourself how could a grocery store afford to give you 40% off any purchase and make that offer available to millions and millions of people?

These scams are looking for information. They want to spam you with more offers and it also lets them know that you might be an easy target for other scams.  Don’t fill out any forms or give them access to any of your information.

To find out if an offer is legit, go to the official web page or the Facebook page for that company. Remember, as with any offer in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

~ Cynthia

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