Microsoft Says, “We’re Sorry”

The folks at Microsoft are issuing a big apology to users. And no, it’s not about taking away the Start Menu in Windows 8, though they certainly do owe us one for that.

This mea culpa concerns the decision to take back the promise of unlimited OneDrive storage for some customers and to cut the amount of free storage available with a Microsoft account.


At the time, Microsoft basically blamed its customers, saying that many of them actually took them at their word when they offered unlimited free storage and started backing up their entire movie and music collections.

Users didn’t take too kindly to that and the expressed their displeasure in the OneDrive forum. The post, called “Give us back our storage” read in part, “I have been a long-time OneDrive fan, but after this upgrade I can no longer recommend it as my promised storage has been taken away. Some of us actually store a normal amount of stuff in OneDrive. Why makes us pay for those who went over the top?”

More than 72,000 other users of the forum agreed wit this post and Microsoft took notice. They responded to the thread by saying, “We’ve heard clearly from our Windows and OneDrive fans about the frustration and disappointment we have caused. We realize the announcement came across as blaming customers for using our product. For this, we are truly sorry and would like to apologize to the community. ”

They aren’t changing their plans to cut out the free storage, but are offering some solutions for those who will be hit by the change. Those who used the unlimited storage as part of their Office 365 subscription will be allowed to keep that storage for 12 months.

Users who have over 5GB of storage as part of their Microsoft account will be offered a free year of Office 365 personal, which comes with 1 TB of free storage.

They are also adding a new offer that will let current users keep their 15GB of storage and the bonus photo storage Microsoft offered.  You can click here to see that offer.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thanks Cynthia for the heads up, especially on the offer they had to let me keep my 15+15 storage. I was actually still using less than 5GB but would have hit the limit soon I think.

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