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I’ve received several questions about how to make icons show on the desktop in Windows 10. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Say your desktop looks like this. Well, not precisely like this, since you probably don’t have this photo I took at the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium’s coral reef exhibit as your background. But it’s a blank desktop with nary an icon in sight.


Some folks like this look. You hit the start menu to find any app or program that you wish to open and your desktop view is always pristine. But some of you like to see your icons right there where you can click on them immediately.  Right-click on a blank area of that desktop. Choose View from the menu.


Then choose Show desktop icons.


Notice that you also have options for the size of the icons and whether or not they are arranged in a grid pattern. This is also where you choose if you want Windows to auto-arrange them or you’d like to do it manually.


Just under the View option when you right-click, you’ll also see the Sort by option. This lets you sort items on your desktop by Name, Size, Type or Date Modified.


~ Cynthia


4 thoughts on “Show Icons In Windows 10

  1. Think you could have done better. The putting of shortcuts on the desktop in W10 requires a different procedure, particularly for programs, than previous OS’s. Think a description of that would have been more relevant.

    1. Ian. That’s a different topic which I will address in another article. The question here wasn’t about making a shortcut.

  2. I thought this would teach me how to put icons on desktop off of a webpage-how is that done?? Thank you

  3. Tried your way , did not work , my desktop shows the programs written as they appear for putting in the search bar. All down the right side of the
    page and nothing I do will move them or change the page. Did find a set of icons in a documents page, tried sending them to the desktop but that did not work either………??

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