Long Live Yahoo!

In response to our In The News article about the possibility of Yahoo! selling off its e-mail and web services to concentrate on the company’s share in the Chinese firm Alibaba, Ronna wrote:  “Don’t want to lose Yahoo mail at all keep it as it is. Family has all important files and pic there. It would be terrible to loose it all and Verizon sucks as a service of any kind in our region. Never once had a problem with Yahoo mail .”


Ronna, it seems unlikely that Yahoo! Mail would just stop existing. It would very likely be picked up by another company. However, no matter how much you like your e-mail provider, you shouldn’t store important pictures and files only in your e-mail account.

They need to be backed up in multiple places. In cloud storage, possibly in multiple accounts and it’s good to back them up on external drives as well.

One important piece of advice is to never put all of your eggs in one digital basket.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Long Live Yahoo!

  1. My best advice for not losing any type of valuable photos or written materials due to some service shutting down on the Internet is to back all of your valuable photos and information on a USB Zip Drive.

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