Did I Accidentally Join Twitter?

I got this interesting e-mail from a reader.  “Yesterday I played some on my Win 10 settings. Then Moved to another computer. Later checked my emails and had a message thanking me for joining Twitter! I didn’t do it so told them it wasn’t me. Could I have accidentally have signed up for Twitter? I don’t have a cellphone and have no interest in Twitter 24/7.”


First of all, as I like to say, if it happened, it must be possible. Also, you don’t need a smartphone to use Twitter and there’s no reason you have to be on it 24/7.  You can simply go to Twitter on the web to look when you’re interested in checking it out.

But it’s possible you might have mistakenly signed up for Twitter thinking that you were filling out your e-mail information for another setting on your PC.  All you need to join is your name and an e-mail address.  You are able to link to your social media accounts easily through Windows 10. There’s also the possibility that someone fraudulently used your e-mail address to start a Twitter account.

Thankfully, they do have a verification process where they e-mail or text you to make sure you’re actually signing up to Twitter.

~ Cynthia

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