Bud has some questions about his e-mail in  Windows 10. He writes:  “At present, I’m still on Win 7. And my default browser is Google and I don’t run on Win Live mail and hopefully can stay with my Google (along with my yahoo mail account). What surprises lie ahead for me when I change over?”

As far as your e-mail, I don’t see any surprises. Let’s break it down.

You can continue to use Google Chrome as your primary browser. When you upgrade to Windows 10, Google Chrome should be unaffected. All of your favorites and extensions should remain just as they were.


Windows 10 does have the new Edge browser. But you certainly don’t have to use it, though I don’t see any difference accessing my Gmail from Edge compared to any other browser.

You say you aren’t using the Windows Live Mail e-mail client. But if you were, you could continue to use it in Windows 10 or switch over the the Windows 10 Mail app. Users making that switch will see a big change in the interface.


The Mail app is very streamlined and not very heavy on features. It’s designed to be more like a mobile app. It’s touch friendly, but I find it lacking and stick with Outlook. Other users might want to check out Thunderbird, which is a free e-mail client download.

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t keep using your Gmail or Yahoo e-mail with Windows 10. Whether you access them online through a browser or through the Mail App, both of your service should work fine in Windows 10.

~ Cynthia