In this week’s edition of Facebook  Scams To Watch Out For, we bring you a combination e-mail/Facebook fraud.  Eleanor,  has been receiving some strange e-mail notifications about her Facebook account. She writes:  “What is happening with these backward Facebook messages?  I often don’t even know the sender listed.”


What this is, Eleanor, is a scam and not even a well-executed phishing expedition. They want you to click on that backwards “open Facebook” button thinking you’re opening your Facebook account, but actually taking you to a web page of their choosing.  That web page could contain malware that could infect your PC and steal your information. It could also look very much like a genuine Facebook page and prompt you to enter your password or other information the spammers would like to steal from you.

By saying that someone has added a photo they’ll hope you’ll want to get a look at that photo.

These folks don’t seem to be trying too hard, since they managed to get the image of the Facebook graphic backwards. Except for the name of the person who is s. That’s probably because English isn’t this scammers first language and he/she probably didn’t know how the letters were supposed to look.

This is certainly Spam, and you should mark it as such immediately. You can’t stop spam from being sent to you, but hopefully you can teach your e-mail account to filter it out so you don’t have to be bothered with it.

Never click on a notification that seems wrong to you.  You can just open of your Facebook account in your browser to see if you actually have any real notifications from people you do indeed know.

~ Cynthia