Luxury vehicles are getting smarter by the minute and some new concept cars from BMW promise big changes  for drivers.


The  i Vision Future concept car replaces physical buttons and gauges with an interactive screen that the drive controls by waving her his or hand over the panel.  It’s called BMW AirTouch.  There are actually some gesture controls available for BMWs actually on the road, but not quite to the extent that AirTouch offers…yet.


Drivers can access things like music and GPS and also look at other reading for their vehicle just by waving their hands. You’ll even be able to use gesture control for parking.


The BMW i8 says goodbye to the rearview and side mirrors and instead replaces it with four cameras that feed an image to a screen located in the position of a rearview mirror.


Unlike actual mirrors, you don’t experience a blind spot, though physical mirrors don’t malfunction or cost a whole lot of money to replace when you break one.

The cameras will also activate automatically should anything hit your parked car and also let you know if anyone is trying to break in to your vehicle by sending a message along with images to your phone.

These new vehicles will also interact with everything from your smart home to your smart watch.

~ Cynthia