Hitting the open road to explore the great outdoors is what draws people to the RV lifestyle. It used to be that you had to choose between beautiful locations and staying connected via the Internet. That isn’t the case anymore. With satellite Internet, you can take your RV wherever you like and still send emails, post pictures on social media, and even catch up on your favorite TV show. If you want to supplement your RV living with satellite Internet, here are 10 tips to help you stay connected on the road.


Understand how you use the Internet.

Before you set up your on-the-go Internet connection, evaluate how you use the Internet. How many devices will be online at one time? Understanding your usage patterns will help you determine which equipment and data plans will best suit your needs.

Choose an automatic, mounted rooftop unit if you need constant connectivity.


Your satellite Internet will be more reliable if you use a dish that’s mounted to the top of your RV. Mounted units automatically adjust to maximize signal strength, which will save you from having to set up and position the dish every time you stop.

Select a manual, auxiliary tripod unit if you’re a casual Internet user.


These smaller units are easy to take along with you and can be set up to receive a satellite Internet connection anywhere you have access to the sky. This is a great option if you just want to keep up on your email or stream the occasional TV show.

Pick the right provider.

Plans used to be limited when it came to satellite Internet, but thanks to its increased popularity, there are now several providers to choose from. After you identify your usage habits, compare services and plans to find the one that will deliver what you require at the price you want to pay.

Use satellite Internet for business and write off some of your investment.

It takes a sizeable investment to set up a satellite Internet system. Depending on the type of dish you settle on, equipment can cost several thousand dollars. However, if you’re getting satellite Internet to work from your RV, you may be able to write off part or all of the initial cost as a business expense.

We’re not done yet. Tomorrow we’ll have even more tips on staying connected on the road in part 2 of this article.