In The News 01-15-16

Apple Music Adds Subscribers

Apple’s $10-a-month streaming service is growing steadily. Reports say that in only six months, the company has picked up 10 million paying subscribers.


No doubt helped by the introduction of an Android app that allows users of the world’s most popular operating system to subscribe as well.

Apple paid a multi-billion price for Beats Music a couple of years back, a move that many considered risky. If they keep experiencing this kind of steady growth, that risk could pay off.

Flaw Found In Trend Micro Password Manager

The folks at Google’s Project Zero discovered a major flaw in the password manager that comes with Trend Micro Antivirus.

That tool is vulnerable to remote execution code.  The flaw allows an attacker to covertly steal all of your passwords without any indication the attack is happening.

The security experts at Google were appalled by this bug, saying that it’s something a coding student should have caught.

TrendMicro is currently working on a fix.

Windows 10 Running On 10 Million Devices

The growth continues for Windows 10. The operating system is now active on over 200 million devices according to Microsoft.


The pace of the Windows 10 adoption is 140% faster than Windows 7 and a staggering 400% faster than Windows 8.

That’s also added up to growth for the Windows Store. Paid transactions doubled from the previous holiday season with 60% of the customers new to the store.

There’s also been more search traffic on Bing, queries are up around 30% per Windows device.

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0 thoughts on “In The News 01-15-16

  1. Sure the adoption rate is faster, they are forcing it on unsuspecting users. If you don’t want it and are not very careful, surprise! it is automatically installed.

    And I’ve seen reports that 200 million count is for ALL types of devices, including tablets and phones, not just PCs.

    Of course Bing traffic is up. Since bing is the new default search tool and ALL searches are pushed out to Bing. And Cortana uses bing. Actually, I’m surprised the bing increase is that low. Could people that many people be manually turning off Bing and Cortana defualts?

  2. I am just a layman and converted to windows 10 as it was free downloaded replacing windows 7 ! But, I find getting used to 10 is more difficult than to 7 or for that XP.And, I find most software persons are shuddering at the thought of adopting 10 leaving 7 or 8 or XP !! Though windows 10 claims it is customer or user friendly, in practice, I find even clearing the browsing date is not in the pop up settings and you have to screen full of setting and search and get the facility, as that facility is not given a heading in the box below of that type of settings. I do send feedbacks but there is no response, and god only knows whether suggestions are acted upon or put in the recycle bin.In short 10 is good but you require patience and talent and even a bit of luck to find your target !!

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