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As you know from previous posts, this is my year of sewing! I’m going to learn to sew myself clothing and bags.

I taught myself to knit using a class from Craftsy, but I couldn’t find anything on there that really clicked for me with sewing (at least from watching the class previews), so I decided I’d look around on the internet and see what I could find.

I was so impressed with the Tilly and the Buttons tutorials that I immediately purchased the author’s book and knew I was going to write this section of the site up for you all.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll notice you’re located directly on the Learn to Sew section. All you have to do to access the guides is scroll down the page.

The guides start with helping you figure out what kind of sewing machine you want to buy. I received my machine as a present, so I skipped these tutorials and headed directly to learning how to setup my machine, and get started sewing.

The tutorials start at  the very beginner level (hello, you have a sewing machine this is what you do next), works through individual easy projects, and then discusses different skills needed for sewing like (reading a pattern, interfacing fabrics, and fitting clothing). From there Tilly touches on advanced sewing techniques, drafting patterns, and more.

Each guide is filled with great details and photo-tutorials to help you really see what Tilly is explaining in each step of the process.

This is a great starting place for anyone who is looking to learn to sew. Go check it out today!



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  1. Amanda, you always amaze with the terrific sites you locate. Thanks for this one in particular as I sew, however my new machine has more bells and whistles.

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