Great Apps For iPhone Photography

As an avid phone photographer, I’m always looking for apps that make it easier to take and edit photos. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

HalfPressCamera  ($1.99; 3D Touch devices (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus)) gives users a shutter button option where they can make key adjustments while only pressing the camera button halfway. Users can lock focus, change white balance, and adjust composition before pressing the camera button fully to take the picture. User can change picture options with handy slider and also change GPS location options.


VidPicLab ($4.99) lets users pull images from video then make some amazing creations with special effects, stickers, and filters, plus easy-to-use saturation, contrast, sharpen/blur, brightness and rotation options.


Want to collage? Live Layout ( $1.99) creates amazing collages from images, animated gif files and video. The numerous layout options and filter effects really make this creation a joy. Users can also crop and trim works and even add text, background music and/or stickers.


How about the classic pop art style? Fotocam Pop Art (usually $2.99) lets users achieve those famous Andy Warhol styled art quickly with a special camera adjustment before taking the picture. The wonderful app can be used without a web connection and can be saved and uploaded later.

~ Michael Siebenaler

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