Can I Connect My Smart TV To A Router?

We’ve been talking a lot about cutting the cord and smart TVs lately, and Joanna has a question about connecting hers to the Internet.  She writes: “I bought a 55” Samsung 3D smart tv, I have a router hooked up to my computer in another room, I have tried to set up the tv with this router but I can’t get it to set up, do I need another router just for the tv? It asked for a pin and I can\’t find a number for that, also my router is over 4 years old, do I need to upgrade??


Hi Joanna.

I am going to assume that the router you have hooked up to the computer is a wireless router, or else this whole post is not going to make any sense.


A wireless router will broadcast the wireless signal using an SSID (Service Set IDentifier) to identify what network you’re connecting to. Most routers you purchase today do provide wireless signals, and most Internet providers also offer this in their routers/modems. As long as your router is wireless, you certainly don’t need another router, unless your router is a long way away from your TV and the TV cannot locate the network.

It sounds as though, since you say it is asking for a pin, that this is not the case. Nor do I feel you need to upgrade.


Now all we need to do is walk through the upgrade. Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll go step-by-step using my TV at home to demonstrate.

~ Audra

2 thoughts on “Can I Connect My Smart TV To A Router?

  1. Hey Audra,
    I don’t wish to get ahead of part 2, however each wireless router has a ‘Network key (password)’ printed on the box and/or within the documentation that comes with the router. This, I believe is the ‘pin’ Joanna’s ‘Samsung smart TV’ is asking for, what do you think?

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