In The News 02-05-16

Safari Users Bugged By Crashes

Folks using the Safari browser are reporting that it keeps crashing when they try to search from the address bar using their iPhones or Macs.


The problem has been reported by users in several countries, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone. Right now, users say they were able to fix it by disabling Smart Search features in the browsers and then clearing out the browser history.

Firefox Will Brings Notifications To Your Browser

Chalk this one up to the convergence of mobile and desktop platforms. The Firefox browser will now push social media and e-mail notifications directly to the browser without the need to open the site for Facebook or your e-mail in another tab. Much the same way your phone offers notifications, even if the app isn’t open.


You won’t have to worry about unwanted updates.  Websites will need your permission to start pushing the notifications.

Football Fans Blame Surface For Loss

It seems many football fans think that the Microsoft Surface 3 tablets used by the NFL are to blame for the Patriots failing to make it to the Super Bowl.


Commentator on the game broadcast told the audience that the tablet failed just as the team was using it to make a crucial last-minute decision. But Microsoft defended their tablets, saying that there’s not been a single Surface tablet failure in the two years the tablets have been used on the NFL sidelines. They say that the WiFi went down in the stadium and the NFL backed them up issuing a statement saying that a network cable malfunctioned.

The NFL went out of its way to say that Surface tablets were not part of the problem. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the huge amount of money Microsoft pays the NFL to be the official tablet.

I’m also sure many of you would like to point out that there’s never been a reported case of paper notebook failure on the sidelines.

~ Cynthia


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  1. The cheating bastards and coach couldn’t buy their way out of that. Got beat at their own way, stealing all the time. They. Should be suspended for all the cheating they. Ha, ha.

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