Where Is The Start Button?

Here’s a pretty basic, but important question we received from a reader, “I cannot find the start button , so how do I find it?”

Since you don’t say which operating system you’re using, I will assume you mean Windows and we’ll look over where to find your start button in several versions of the OS.

If you’re running Windows 7 or Vista, the Start Button in located in the bottom left corner of your screen. It’ a little round icon with the Windows logo in the center.


Click it and you’ll see this Start Menu.


Windows 8.1 doesn’t really have a start button. You can swipe in from the right (or click in the upper right corner) to bring out the Search Charm. Or just start typing on the Metro/Modern screen with all the tiles and the Search Charm will open.


You can also right-click the Windows symbol in the lower left of the screen

That will bring up this menu.

For Windows 10, click the Windows symbol in the lower-left corner. Or just start typing something in the search box. If you have Cortana activated, just tell her what you want to see or do.


This is the Start Menu for Windows 10.


Unless I’m misunderstanding your question and you’re just looking for an on-off switch. That would depend on your device.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “Where Is The Start Button?

  1. Thank you for being so kind to the person that asked about the start button. I recently had an 83 year old friend who bought her first computer. When she asked her son that question he said if she could not figure it out she should not have a computer. So I spent one afternoon helping her to understand it and she is doing great even shopping on there now. Being nasty to someone does not help them. I remember spending much time looking for the ANY key, can laugh about it now with others that have done the same thing. So once again thanks for being so nice when answering questions.

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