Biometrics On My PC

Andy has a question about using biometric security on his PC. “I like the idea of facial or fingerprint on my smartphone, but how would it work out on my computer? My computer does not have a camera on it and I just don’t want to have to buy one.”


If your PC doesn’t already come with a fingerprint reader, you could purchase a USB fingerprint reader that plugs right into a USB port. You can find models for less than $20 online. Though some models run closer to $100.

I’m afraid if you want to use facial recognition, you will definitely need a camera on your computer. And not just any camera. Facial detection like Windows 10 Hello requires cameras that use infrared light to take a 3D picture of you like Intel’s RealSense cameras.
~ Cynthia

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  1. Hey Cynthia,
    I suppose a; ‘Computer-Chair Seat Cushion with BUT-SEAT Recognition’ is to much to ask for, has Steve been looking for them?

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