6 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Like it or not, technology is creeping into our children’s lives at a much younger age. A study shows that children are using the Internet as early as age three. With these findings, it should come as no surprise that education is evolving and incorporating more technology and at younger ages. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, there are several benefits to technology becoming more prevalent in educational environments.


Captivating & Engaging

By utilizing technology in their teaching practices, educational institutions can capture and hold their student’s attention more effectively with interactive lessons and electronic white boards. Students can relate better to lessons utilizing technology they are familiar with and interested in.

Educator Resources

There are only so many resources and hours available in a classroom environment. But, thanks to technology, teachers can gain access to a wealth of knowledge from their peers near and far and access new materials not yet being utilized in their district. For example, online communities such as BusyTeacher connect educators from across the globe, provide guidance, advice and even free resources.


Student Resources

Much like their educators, students can also access additional resources and assistance outside of the classroom thanks to technology. Whether it’s sources for a research paper, virtual tutoring or additional worksheets and activities to enhance their understanding of a particular subject. There are a variety of apps, like Math Tutor or Easy Bib and websites readily available to students these days to help with anything they may need.


Customized Learning

With classes utilizing both online and in-person study materials, students can learn at their own pace. Hybrid classes offer assignments online with tests taken in the classroom allowing students to work at their own pace, moving ahead if they so desire or sticking with the preset timeline. This freedom allows children to gain confidence in their ability to learn and understand the material given without the pressure of learning at anyone else’s pace.

The Tools of Their Future

Technology is not just being integrated into the classroom, it’s being integrated into every aspect of our lives. Which means, when our children branch out into the workforce, they will be expected to have the capabilities to use, or quickly learn how to use, a variety of different mediums and technological devices. For example, the use of tablets and laptops within the classroom. Learning to take notes on a tablet and use a variety of productivity apps, such a Keynote or to backup and share files within a cloud, or virtual host, will not only be useful, but necessary.


As much backlash as social media seems to get among traditional media, it’s an integral part of the marketing strategy for most successful companies. So learning to navigate these channels in a mature and appropriate matter is an important skill for our children to gain. We see the mistakes and social media blunders play out with a vengeance. The earlier children learn the realities of the power of technology and social media, the better prepared they can be to manage accounts and avoid their own public mishaps.

~ Jiro

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