Wayne asks: “How can I make my computer run a new CD’? I put disk in and see nothing on my screen. The Windows 8 computer was sent into Windows 10, and I have had many problems, this one I never figured out how to fix.”

If your CD’s aren’t opening automatically, type This PC in your search box and click on the result. You should see the CD drive displayed along with your other drives. You can right-click on the DVD or CD and choose Open Auto Play.


To make sure you automatically have the autoplay option, type “autoplay settings” into your search box and click on the results. Make sure autoplay is on.  You can also click the drop-down arrow next to removable drives to set your defaults as to how Windows 10 treats removable drives such as CDs.


I’m assuming you’re talking about program and file CDs here and not music CDs. If you do mean music CDs, let me know.

~ Cynthia