In response to our article about connecting your Smart TV to a router, Sandy writes:  “Can I use these instructions to do online shopping through QVC or Amazon when i get the network set up on my Samsung? Since switching my TV carrier to Direct TV I don’t have these options. My Internet and phone remains with AT &T.”


Your choice of TV providers should have no affect on connecting your TV to your Internet. Direct TV is just one input into your TV.  To connect to the Internet, our TV does need to be a smart TV and you do need to have a wireless router that’s sending a signal. If that’s the case, the instructions should work.

If your TV is not a smart TV, you’ll want to consider getting a streaming stick or box such as a Roku or Fire TV Stick.

As far as being able to make purchases from QVC or Amazon, that will depend on weather your TV has a browser app that lets you surf the web or apps for things like Amazon or QVC. It might just be easier to do your shopping on your PC or via a tablet or smartphone. Operating a keyboard with a remote can sometimes be challenging.

~ Cynthia