Do I Need To Upgrade?

If you’re happy with what you have, do you need to upgrade?  A reader asks: “My wife uses a laptop with Windows 7 home edition. She only uses Google. She only goes to Facebook and plays their games there. She doesn’t do anything else with the laptop. My question is: Does she need to upgrade to Windows 10? She is not very good with computers.”


She may not need to upgrade, but she might want to. If she only goes online with the laptop, she’s not really very likely to notice much of a change as long she keeps using her current browser. I’ll assume you mean Google Chrome, but even if it’s Internet Explorer or Firefox, she won’t notice any change there unless she were to switch to the Microsoft Edge browser.

The advantage of upgrading is that she’ll get an extra five years of security and bug support for her PC. Windows 7 is supported through 2020 and Windows 10 will be supported until 2025.

In fact, I’d say that your wife is one of those people who really doesn’t need a laptop at all. When it comes time to replace it, consider getting her a tablet.

~ Cynthia

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