Help! Misspelled Words In My Dictionary

A reader accidentally added a misspelled word to the dictionary.  “Sometimes I write my friends in Italy and use some common Italian words, when “spell check” highlights the word, I “add to dictionary.” My problem is I added a misspelled word,  how do I delete misspelled words in the dictionary?”

I’m not sure in which program the error happened. But I’m going to assume you mean on your Windows PC.

If the error happened in Word, here’s what to do. Click the File Tab.


Then choose Options from the menu.


Select Proofing and then choose Custom Dictionaries.


Then select “Edit Word List.”


Either type in the word you want to search for or scroll to look for it. When you find it, highlight and then hit Delete.


If you’re writing e-mails in Outlook, you’ll follow pretty much the same procedure. Click the File tab.


Then choose Options.


Then choose Mail  and Spelling and autocorrect.


Then choose Custom Dictionaries.


Just as with Word, find the entry in the list, highlight it and choose delete.

I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

5 thoughts on “Help! Misspelled Words In My Dictionary

  1. Another question. How do you backup/restore the .dic personal dictionary? I was able to backup from win 7 but when I upgraded to win8 the file structure is different and I cant find the folder.

  2. Thank you so much for publishing my question, I didn’t mention it, but I’m using windows live mail in windows 10. Your magazine is the best!

    Also, you answered another question I had, my computer would unexpectedly wake up. I turned out to be the wireless mouse and keyboard. The solution was in “power management” in device manager for “keyboards” and “mice”. It was “allow this device to wake up the computer”. I un-ticked both and am no longer “sleep-less in Kimberley”. Thank you

  3. Your note about spell checking reminded me of a concern I have with the new “Edge” browser. I’m still learning to use it but I’ve noted there are a few IE 11 functions missing; one is the “IE Spell” I added (provided by WS I think). Am I still behind the Edge learning curve or is this not available on Edge?

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