How Modern Streaming Services Change Millions Of Lives

The ability to create, host and share video content has certainly changed the world in a very short period of time. In fact, creating, sharing and supporting videos via sites like YouTube has been adopted by the masses faster than any other medium in history – and big brands are certainly taking notice.

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In a report on the growth of online video, shared insight: “To give you a sense of the scale, advertising spend on online video content jumped to 34 percent in 2014 alone.” They go on to say that “Annual growth is predicted to be almost 30 percent, until in 2017 it will account for nearly 4% of total global advertising spending, double its current rate.”

However, online video is not only for big brands, and you can broadcast yourself live too with reputable companies like Blue Jeans, which can help you connect with a new audience and share your life in a new way.


The Fun Side of Streaming

While many businesses are taking new approaches to engage with consumers through video streaming and live events, live streaming was originally popularized due to consumers’ need for genuine human entertainment. From YouTube to Vimeo, creating and sharing videos rapidly gained in popularity over just a few years.


Nowadays, we have sites like, which originally showcased video gamers playing various games and consoles, but now has opened up a new subdivision known as Twitch Creative. Here, anybody can create an account, acquire the necessary broadcasting equipment and stream their own creative processes to the world. From graphic design to making music, as well as a few odd channels in between, people are showcasing their talents in a multitude of ways. What’s important about this, however, is how many people there are, who are eager to essentially sit and watch someone else have fun, create art or simply relax in front of an old turntable and mix music.

A fine example of one such individual is “PianoImproMan”, a 72 year old retired musician who takes song requests, masterfully improvises on each one and maintains a close-knit community of jovial individuals who love listening, getting involved and chatting with Bernie, his wife or other fans.


The Serious Side of Streaming

On the other side of the coin, streaming has also become widely popular to spread news and information rapidly throughout the world. Gone are the days of disasters remaining vastly unknown, and now are the days of RSS feeds, 24/7 live online news and blogs with up to the minute video reports on current affairs in various countries.

Because of this serious side, consumers are also learning to rely on alternative news video streams. Not only can the internet’s wide array of bloggers often deliver news faster than dedicated news sites can, but they are also more trusted sources, who each offer unique opinions and point of view on each issue.

In a report by TakePart, an online alternative news provider, it was revealed that “Just 29 percent of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, and more than half of Americans say that news stories are often inaccurate.”

This is surprising, since television news is so ingrained in American culture. Despite this, however, consumers are rapidly learning how brands, the government and other external factors can easily bully or bribe the news stations to include, omit or even fabricate information in public news stories.

How Businesses and Entertainers Alike are Connecting with Niche Audiences

Although video streaming is a technology of the future, connecting and engaging with an audience is certainly not new. In fact, it is precisely what makes so many people love live events, such as theater performances, music concerts and even exciting promotional events. It’s the idea that they could get involved if they wanted to. And while only a select few actually do get involved, the reality was that they any person there have been one of those few. This alone makes a live event far more exciting than any prerecorded show.


To find proof of this point, you can look at shows like American Idol, where the public votes in real-time to affect the outcome. Other popular shows include Big Brother, Survivor and many more, in which contestants were drawn from the public. So stop relying on your one-directional communications and start engaging with your audience, getting them involved in your brand and turning interested consumers in loyal brand ambassadors.

So take the time to consider whether you would like to broadcast yourself. You may be the next face to change thousands, if not millions, of people’s lives. In our wonderfully modern world with fantastic innovations and technologies like live streaming services, you could become the inspiration that motivates millions to get out and make the change that you want to see.

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