Facebook: Control What Your Friends Share About You

Yesterday, we talked about Facebook Log In and what types of information you could be sharing about your friends with websites and apps.  Today we’re going to look at the types of information about you that your friends may be sharing with Apps and other sites.


Your friends can take information that they can see about you with them when they use other apps.

This can be especially concerning if your friends aren’t too careful about the kinds of apps they use or the sorts of posts they click on. For example, if they’re clicking on scam sites or apps, they could be giving information about you to scammers.


Here’s how to control it. Go to Settings on your Facebook page.


Choose apps


Scroll down to Apps Others use.


Then select Edit.


A box will pop up displaying the types of information your friends may be able to share.


Among them are your timeline posts, religious and political views as well as family and relationships. Uncheck any of these items to keep them from being accessed.

If you don’t want to allow apps or sites to access things like your Friends list, gender or public information, you can go to the Apps section and click the Edit button on Apps, Websites and Plugins.


If you click Disable Platform, no one will be able to see any of your public information in apps. But that also disables your ability to use apps and plug-in like Facebook Log In or your ability to play games.


~ Cynthia

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