What is your dog?

I caught this site going around Facebook. A lot of my friends were posting what dog breed they would be based on the photo they chose to upload to this site.

After checking the site out for myself, I decided that I had to share with all of you, because it uses machine learning to identify dog breeds.

If you want to find out what breed of dog you would be, click the Use Your Own Photo button. Then select the image you want to use and it will match it to a dog breed.

If you have a picture of your beloved canine, you can pop it in too, and see if the site properly matches your dog to its breed.  I did this with an image of our dog Dulcie and it properly matched her as a Shih Tzu.

If it gets the match for your dog’s breed wrong, there is a link beneath the picture so you can report the inaccurate match.

No matter which kind of photo you upload this site is a lot of fun!



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