How Do I Get 10,000 Books On My Kindle?

Pauline is just starting to get into the world of eBooks and has some questions. She writes:  “I am about to purchase (now that’s a dinosaur word lol) a Kindle and would like a recommendation please. As I’m a dinosaur would you let me know if the books are already on there or how do I go about getting 10,000 books to read on this device.”

Pauline, occasionally there is a book or two pre-loaded onto an eReader like a Kindle, but you’ll need to pick and choose the books you want.

Since you say you’re purchasing a Kindle, I’ll talk about how you purchase books with that device. You don’t say whether you’re getting a Fire Tablet, which is also an Android tablet, or an eReader like a Paperwhite that functions only as an eReader.

A Fire Tablet would look like this:


An eReader only model more like this:


The easiest way to acquire books is to purchase them from Amazon. They range in price from 99 cents to the market price for best-sellers, usually in the $9.99 to $14.99 range.


You’ll also find thousands of books available for free to download as well. Just search free eBooks and you’ll find a whole lot to choose from. You can purchase them with one-click on your device or go to to buy.


Books download within a matter of seconds. If you purchase from the website, it will ask you which device you want the book to download to.

If you’re buying the Fire Tablet, you can add apps like Overdrive and Hoopla and use them to borrow books from your local library. You can also borrow books on your PC and transfer them to your eReader from your PC with a micros USB to USB cable. Check with your library about which service are available. Many libraries also have someone available to assist new users with their eReaders.


It takes a lot less time that you’d think to load up your Kindle with books. My first step was to acquire all of the classics for free. And remember, you aren’t limited to just what you store on your actual device. Amazon will store all of your purchases in their cloud and you can download the ones that you choose to read. If you also have a smartphone, you can download the Kindle app. That way, you’ll have your books available to read even if you don’t have your Kindle close by.

I love my Kindle. I hope you enjoy yours.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “How Do I Get 10,000 Books On My Kindle?

  1. Hey Cynthia, Great tip, I too have a ‘Paperwhite’ which I wouldn’t be without, principally because its ‘back-lite’ and has both ‘WiFi’ and ‘Wireless’ connectivity. These, I think are the most important features for an eReader however illustrated literature can be a challenge. A full color tablet is somewhat of an advantage. Also, has an infinite amount of free eBooks in Kindle.

  2. she asked
    How Can I Get 10,000 Books For My Kindle?
    You answered
    The easiest way to acquire books is to purchase them from Amazon…
    BUT the BEST way is to join a local library and check out books.

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