How Do I Crop A Photo On My Phone?

In response to our tip about cropping instead of zooming with your phone’s camera, we had this comment. “This is a great tip. Problem is, I don’t know where the crop option is. We also have Galaxy 4 phones. I have the larger one and my family have the mini.”

Great question. You could crop using a number of Photo editing apps like Snapseed, but there’s a built-in photo editor on your Android phone that allows you to to take care of the task pretty quickly.

First, tap icon for your Gallery app. That’s where all of your photos can be easily viewed.


Select the album you want. Most likely it will be labeled Camera.


Then choose the photo you wish to edit.


Once the photo is open tap your menu button. On a Galaxy S4, that will be a physical button to the left of the Home button.


Choose Edit from the menu that pops up.


You’ll see options to rotate, crop or add an effect. Tap Crop.


Select either a freehand crop or one of the cropping templates.


You can also choose Lasso to select an odd shape. You draw that freehand with your finger or a stylus.


When you have the desired crop, tap the Save icon at the top right of your screen.


The cropped photo should save in your Camera folder.


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~ Cynthia

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