Check Out Facebook’s New Like Buttons!

For a long time Facebook users have been asking for something besides the “Like” button to express that they have interest in a post but don’t necessarily like the contents.

Hitting the Like button enables you to follow a post and be updated on comments, so sometimes people ended up hitting like on things that they were actually angered or upset by.

A lot of people said a Dislike button was in order, but the folks at Facebook have gone beyond that with five additional options.

Here’s how they work. Just hover your cursor over the like button under a post.


A window featuring Like and five new options will appear.


So what do these new emoticons stand for? Let’s check them out. Like is still the familiar thumbs-up symbol.


Not surprisingly “Love” is a heart.


If you find a post funny, hit the happy face for a Ha Ha.


The Wow button, indicated by the startled face below, is one that I feel Facebook is in desperate need of. I certainly say that every single day when I come across news stories.


The teary-eyed emoticon is for sad.


And this red-faced fellow is Angry.


You can look just under the post to see the Likes, Loves and other reactions to it. This political post is drawing mixed reactions.


You can click on the emoticon to see the names of those who have liked it. (If their privacy allows it.)


If someone reacts to one of your posts, you’ll get a notification.


~ Cynthia


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