Welcome to Tune Find! I discovered Tune Find because my roommate often hears a song on television show or commerical and then messages me to see if I can find out what song it is. While I was doing that the other day I stumbled across this site which helps you find music from television shows and movies.

When you arrive at the site you’ll find a selection of Featured Shows,  Trending Songs,  Upcoming Episodes,  Featured Movies, and a handy Search field.

You can search for the show you’re looking for with the search field or you can browse the tracks on the site. For example, if you click on a track’s thumbnail you’ll see a play button. This will pop up a music player that will play a sample of the track. This is cool because if you’re looking for something you heard the sample can confirm if it is what you were looking for. The music player also offers links for you to buy the track on either Amazon or iTunes.

It’s a cool music discovery tool though too, because you can check out little bits of things and see if you like them.

So are you ready to vanquish that earworm you picked up off your favorite TV show or the last movie you saw? Then go find it with Tune Find!