Change Your Chrome Background

Did you know that you can change the background of your Chrome browser? You don’t need to stay with the boring, default grey background – try something new! There are themes of nature, landscapes, space, cityscapes, buildings and so much more on the Chrome Store. This guide will show you how to find the best theme for your browser.

Firstly, open your Chrome Browser through the desktop or start menu or task bar. Make sure to double click on it.


Then, click on the button in the right hand corner which has three lines, stacked above one another.


A drop-down menu will open up. Click on the word “Settings” which is near the end of the drop-down menu.


A new window will open up, which is the settings page. You should see a heading on the page which says “Appearance”. There will be a grey button underneath this heading which is called, “Get Themes”. Click on this.


A page containing a variety of themes or background images will appear. You can scroll through the variety of images on this page and select an image that you like.

Most of these themes are free whilst others require a small payment (usually a dollar or two).


If you want to locate a specific theme such as an image of a flower or a theme with a galaxy, you can search for it.

Search for your term (examples would be “galaxy”, “flower”, “abstract”) in the search box located in the top left hand corner. Make sure to select the “Themes” toggle button just underneath the search bar, since you want themes only.


When you see a theme that you like, click on the theme.

Your selected the theme will appear much bigger so you can look at it more closely and decide if you still want to use it.

If you like the image, click on the blue “Add To Chrome” button which is accompanied by a little paintbrush.

It will take a few seconds all the way to a minute to download the theme to Chrome (depending on your internet speed). You can see the green progress bar in the Chrome icon, which is located on the Task Bar.


When the button has turned green and it says “Added To Chrome”, you can close the window by selecting the little grey “x” in the top right hand corner. Close down Chrome completely by clicking on the red X.

Then, open it again from your Desktop by double clicking on the Chrome icon.

You will get full view of your new theme! Exciting times!

~ Silvia

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