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Alice has a question about game compatibility in Windows 10. ” If I download the new Windows 10 will the games I have purchased from Pogo still be on my computer. I do not want to lose the games if at all possible as some of them can no longer be purchased. Thanks. I am 72 so I like my older games.”


You games shouldn’t be erased when you upgrade to Windows 10. But that doesn’t guarantee that a program on your PC will be compatible with Windows 10. But you can check the program on your PC before upgrading. Click here for an article that explains how to check.

Are all of your games actually downloaded onto your PC, or do you play them via a browser on Pogo.com?  If you play them online, your gameplay shouldn’t be affected at all. You’ll probably want to keep playing them with your current browser instead of the new Microsoft Edge browser.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Certain games on Pogo cannot be played (like Bridge and Dice City Roller) because Windows 10 does not allow you to use Java which certain Pogo games require. Believe I find this frustrating. Even the Geek Squad said their is no way to fix the problem since I bought a new computer that doesn’t have any older windows programs on it.

    1. You can’t run Java on Microsoft Edge, but Internet Explorer will continue to run Java as will Firefox. Chrome won’t let you use Java, either.

  2. i posted reply on forum but before u download win10 – have a professional computer person do it – it will change your computer and if u have older game files they have to be reset to be compatible with win10 – friend did this for me as i had a big fish game and he had to go into files and make it compatible with win10 – regardles what microsoft says about win10 – you shd not do a download unless you are a knowledgeable computer person – you can screw up your old files – i had to buy a new wordperfect program and my old set of ms office for win7 was not compatible either with win10 – it is a competely different operating system – yes i like it – works more like xp but changes your old files and they wont work

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