In The News 03-11-16

Hospital Hit By Ransomware Attack

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical center was hit by malware that locked all of their files, making it impossible for medical professionals to access patient records.


The hackers wanted over 3 million dollars in bitcoins to free up the computer system and the hospital actually paid them, though only $17,000, not the millions originally demanded.

Security experts think it happened because a hospital employee fell for a phishing attack.  The files are now unlocked, but reports say they hospital is still having IT issues.

 5G Is On The Way

5G data service is coming, but not right away.  The successor to the 4G standard will be capable of transferring 1 gigabit per second, which is 200 times faster than 4G 5 to 12 megabits per second that 4G provides.

Speeds like that make streaming video and playing games much smoother. But don’t expect to be picking up that 5G phone too soon. It’ll probably be about five years before 5G networks are in place.

Vizio TVs To Use Chromecast

Accroding to reports, Vizio smart TVs will be replacing their own apps on some upcoming models with Google Chromecast.


That will mean that owners of the TVs will have access to a lot more apps and it will also give some good exposure to Chromecast.

The one catch is that you need a tablet or smartphone to access Chromecast. Other smart TVs let you access the menu directly from the television using a remote.

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