How Do I Leave A Facebook Comment?

Jacki writes:  “How do I leave comments on a Facebook page? I see other people being able to leave comments, How do I leave a comment there?”

Usually, leaving a comment on Facebook is a pretty simple process. To leave a comment on a posted stories, just click or tap the comment box at the bottom and start typing.


To write a post on a page that allows visitor posts, you simply click or tap the box at the top of the page.


Normally, I’d say that if you don’t see a place to comment, that particular page doesn’t allow comments, but Jacki included a screenshot showing comments and that there was no place for her to comment.


If it were for an individual’s photo or post, I’d say that maybe you aren’t friends with that person or they don’t permit comments.  However, in this case, we’re talking about a public page that Jacki has liked. If others can comment and you can’t, that’s usually an indication that you’ve been blocked from the page. That could be intentional or a mistake. If there hasn’t been any type of issue with the page, you may want to message them and see if it was accidental.

This case was interesting, because it was happening on the WorldStart page. I checked and Jacki had not been blocked from commenting on the page. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be able to comment.

In this case, I would suggest clearing the cache on your browser or trying another browser. The alternative is contacting Facebook, but they aren’t usually that good at getting back to people.

~ Cynthia


3 thoughts on “How Do I Leave A Facebook Comment?

  1. Some times you can post comments if no comment box is available by clicking on the post itself. This will open another tab where you can then enter your comments.

  2. Well, normally you just leave facebook, by deactivating your account, i think that you can find the deactivating option under the account setting.
    After deactivating account just go out side and refresh your mind. You can still access your account by logging into your account.

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