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Everytime a website prompts me to sign up as a member to use the extra features they offer (Downloads, Comments, Posts), the following thoughts come to my mind: Does it really worth it to give away my Personal Data (Email, Mobile Phone Number, etc) to a website I probably won’t visit again? So, after searching on the Internet, I came across some methods that will let me sign up to every website I want without giving my real email or phone number. Also, your real email address won’t get filled with spam from different advertising companies if you use the methods below.

The Disposable Email

 There are some websites that offer you a free, disposable email address without the need of registration or sign up. I prefer using  http://www.temp-mail.org due to its clean and fluid interface. Once you access the website, a random email address is generated (you can change it if you want) and there you go! You are ready to use it on every website you want. Emails arrive below and the website acts just like any other email service inbox. The email address is valid until you press the Delete button.


Disposable Mobile Numbers

 Recently, websites require you to give your mobile phone number as another verification of your identity method. I have found two websites that provide free temporary mobile numbers. They pretty much work similarly to temporary email.





Once you access any of the above websites you just choose a number from the ones provided and use the number where is required to complete your sign up. You can expect the verification messages or voice messages in the disposable mobile phone’s inbox. I forgot to mention that those numbers expire every 30 days.

~ Pantelis

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  1. Thanks so much for this info. Because I am job hunting, I wanted to set up a new email account specifically for replies. Needless to say I need to provide a mobile number to do this. I don’t have a cell phone so have had to use my 20 year old acct which is decidedly not professional. Now I’ll be good to go. Thanks.

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