Snapping Is A Snap In Windows 10

Window– snapping was introduced in Windows 7 as ‘Aero Snap’, is much enhanced in Windows 10. You can snap the open window to one side of the screen without having to resize it. The snapped window will take up only a quarter of the screen making you more productive on your desktop. You can click on the title bar of the window and drag it to the edge of the screen.

Snap Assist

A little handy Snap Assist tool will help you snap all open windows quickly. This feature pops up when you snap an app with the mouse. You will see a thumbnail list of all open windows prompting you to click on one of them. When you click on any open window and release the mouse, the window will be snapped on either side of the screen.


Snap with keyboard

You can use keyboard shortcuts to snap windows. You can select an open window and press Windows Key + Right arrow or Windows Key + Left arrow. This will snap the window to either the right or left side of the screen. After snapping the window as above, if you press Windows Key + Down arrow or Windows Key + Up arrow, the window will go to the bottom or top corner.



2X2 Snap

You can snap four windows at the same time in a 2X2 grid. You can drag the particular window with the mouse and drop in any corner of the screen. You can drag and drop several windows in this 2X2 grid. You can also have a layout with a tall window on one side and two short windows on the other.


~ Natarajan Kumaraswami

7 thoughts on “Snapping Is A Snap In Windows 10

  1. Not a bad tip at all, but one thing you didn’t say, how to “UN-SNAP”!
    What’s the shortcut keys to UN-SNAP to back to full screen or restore?
    Also what does one look for on the screen for the MOUSERS?

    1. I just click the ‘maximize’ square in the top right corner of the window (between the ‘minimize’ line and the ‘close window’ X).

  2. When you snap on a app? You never explained snapping on an app. Poorly explained or not explained concept.

    1. Again, I’m way behind on my reading, maybe you have responded to Robert – When you snap on a app? You never explained snapping on an app. Poorly explained or not explained concept.

  3. I just kept holding down the Windows key and pressed the up arrow (^) on the lower right portion of my keyboard and the screen returned to it’s normal size.

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