In response to our article “Can I Play Pogo Games In Windows 10,” Karen wrote: “Certain games on Pogo cannot be played (like Bridge and Dice City Roller) because Windows 10 does not allow you to use Java which certain Pogo games require. Believe I find this frustrating. Even the Geek Squad said their is no way to fix the problem since I bought a new computer that doesn’t have any older windows programs on it.’


Karen, it’s not true that you can’t use Java in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge does not support Java. But you can still use Java with the Internet Explorer browser.  Internet Explorer is included as Part of Windows 10. Just type Internet Explorer in the search box and click on the result.

You can also use it with the Firefox Browser, as long as you enable it. However, the Chrome browser no long supports Java. That has nothing to do with Windows 10, it was a decision by chrome.

~ Cynthia