Yesterday we showed you how to add an e-mail signature to your Yahoo e-mail messages.  If you haven’t read that article yet, check it out by clicking here.

Once you’ve created your signature, you can also use formatting to make your email signature look neater and more professional. You can use italics, bold and headings. Click on “B” for bold and “I” for italics. These buttons are available on the small menu bar at the top of the text box.


You can also add links to your website, Facebook profile, Twitter profile into your email signature.

Firstly, highlight the text you want to hyperlink. Then, click on the link button which is in the corner of the formatting bar.


A pop up will open, insert the link of the website or Facebook profile you would like to link to. Then, press “OK”.


When you are happy with your email signature, click on the blue save button at the end of the menu bar. Remember to do this, otherwise your work may not be saved!


You can preview your email signature by clicking on the “Compose” button in the top right hand part of the page. It is accompanied by an icon of a pen. You will see your email signature, in all it’s glory! If you want to make changes, just follow the steps above to edit it again.


~ Silvia