Darryl has a question about playing music in Windows 10. He writes:  “Hello I am a long time reader of your newsletter. I have 3 dell computers running windows 10 and I am guessing since my last update or whenever it took place, is this GROOVE MUSIC APP that somehow has become my default player for all my media files music that I listen to on my computer and I have saved on my OneDrive. I had windows media player set as my default player,  and when I hit enter on a music file or song windows media player used to pop up and let me listen to my songs. Now this GROOVE pops up.  I am a totally blind computer user and this GROOVE app isn’t letting me listen to my music.  I cannot find a way to  kill the app I don’t like it and can’t use it.  I use a screen reader called JFW Jaws For Windows and windows media player works well with JFW and I know how to use it, but this GROOVE app, well I don’t know how to use it and well I don’t like change when I am not asked first.  I want my windows media player back an this GROOVE app gone but I have googled how to remove it and what I have found says it can’t be removed or without installing something else that doesn’t work with my screen reader can you help me get GROOVE gone and my Windows Media Player back to playing my songs please.”

Groove Music is the default music player for Windows 10. But Media Player certainly isn’t gone.  We’ll look at how to make it your default player again, and also why you might want to give groove music a try.

In Windows 10, the simplest way to choose default apps is to say, “Hey Cortana. Open Default Apps.” or type “Default Apps” in the search box and click on the results.  When the Default Apps window opens, you’ll want to choose Music player.


You’ll then have the option to choose from available players. Choose Windows Media Player.

It will now be your default music player for music on your PC.


If you’re playing the music online directly from OneDrive, it may be opening the Groove Music Web Player. That is not installed on your PC.  To play OneDrive music on Media Player, the file must be synced with your PC.

To accomplish that, right-click on the OneDrive File in File Explorer.


Select Choose OneDrive folders to sync from the menu.


Then select the files.


But I also think you may want to reconsider using Groove Music.  Once you’ve added the music from your PC and from OneDrive, you’ll be able to play that music with voice commands using Cortana.

Groove Music may very well already be synced to your One Drive songs.  If you have Cortana set up on your PC, try saying, “Hey Cortana, Play the name of the song.” Your music might just start playing. If it isn’t set up yet,  open Groove Music and click the settings icon and then select Choose where we look for music under Music on this PC.


Click the + icon.


If your PC doesn’t already check the Music file on OneDrive, then add the music folder from your OneDrive. Groove music will now look for songs there.


When you want to play songs in Groove Music, just say “Hey, Cortana, Play Music.” or Tell Cortana to play the specific file you’d like to hear. You can use artist, album, or song title. This works for other types of MP3 audio recordings as well.


I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia