A reader has a question about opening Office Documents. “I have backed up to a pen drive documents which were written on Windows 7 Word (2007 edition). I now get a big red symbol next to the document when I try to use it on my New Windows 10 computer and it will only open if I buy a new Office set up. I`m fine using Wordpad etc for new stuff and fortunately have a computer I can put the pen drive in if I have to but is there anything I can do?”


WordPad should be able to open most Word documents. At least if your files are saved as .docx files.  Try opening WordPad first and then opening from your drive. Just select the “Open” option, choose your drive and look for the document.

You could also go to Outlook.com and use the free Office apps that are available online. Or consider downloading a program like LibreOffice or Open Office. Both are able to read Word files.

~ Cynthia