Tag & Rate Photos In Windows 10

In response to our article about organizing your photos in the built-in Windows Photo Library, a reader commented. “A lot of the good answer from Cynthia doesn’t apply to Windows 10 like tagging star rating etc; at least not in a convenient manner like it used to in Windows 7”

The interface in Photo library interface in Windows 10 is slightly different, but still pretty quick. Open the photo library. Click on a photo or photos you wish to tag. Then click the View tab at the top. Choose Details Pane.


A window will open on the right that will allow you to add a tag and rate the photo. You’ll also be able to Add a title, author or comments.


~ Cynthia


5 thoughts on “Tag & Rate Photos In Windows 10

  1. This method does not allow for the easy addition of multiple tags, auto-complete for existing tags, facial recognition suggestions, and ease of searching that was included in Photo Gallery. We have 1000’s of images that were tagged using Photo Gallery.

    Is there any possibility of MicroSoft releasing an updated Photo Gallery tool?

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