The Better Business Bureau gave us a heads-up about this tax scam, so I thought I’d pass it on to you.

A lot of you are e-Filing these day and many of you use TurboTax. Scammers know that and they’re sending out e-mails with various subject line designed to frighten users.

One subject line is “Important Privacy Changes.”  This e-mail says you need to click on a link if you don’t want your information to be shared publicly.


Another reads “Your Turbo Tax Account Has Been Restricted.”


The message says that some information on your account is missing and that your account will be deleted if you don’t click on a link in the e-mail to confirm the account.

Another reads “Thanks for Choosing Turbo Tax” and says that your check payment is attached to the e-mail.


Yet another says “The IRS Has Accepted Your Return!” It says you can sign in to review the process or set up a direct deposit or print the return.


Another to watch out for contains the subject line “Turbo Tax Update: E-file Successful.”


This one gives you a link to check on your return and also one to click if you didn’t file a return. This is draw in both TurboTax users and people who didn’t file a return.

What all of these scams have in common, is they want to trick you into clicking on the links or the attachments in the e-mail. Links will direct your to fake sites that contain malware and the attachments will just launch malware.

This malware is capable of stealing your private data including things like bank account numbers and your Social Security number.

So don’t click on the links, don’t open any attachments. If you receive one, forward a copy to  The makers of TurboTax are keeping track of these scams.

As always, make sure your anti-virus and malware protection is up-to-date. Don’t answer e-mails that ask for personal information or passwords.

~ Cynthia