If you love playing chess or if you want to learn how to play the game, then Facebook has a hidden surprise in store for you.

There are tons of apps and websites that allow us to play chess with others on the Internet. But with most of those, you end up playing with strangers, not to mention the fact that you have to separately sign up for those first. Even though a majority of those might be free (or ad supported) it is still a pain to sign up and give out personal information.

Besides what if you want to beat your best friend or your wife (good luck with that!) in a game of chess? No need to convince them to sign up for a new service when you have a secret chess game built right into the Facebook messenger. This works with the Messenger app on your mobile device, or by clicking the chat icon when using Facebook within your browser on your PC.


How to play chess on Facebook

You do not even need to install any Facebook apps to play this. All you need is to remember a quick command. Simply type in ‘@fbchess play’ in any chat window and instantly a chessboard will appear. The best thing is that it works in group chats as well, so you could play 2 on 2 or one group vs. another.

The colors are automatically assigned at the beginning but if you want to choose one of the two colors for yourself, then type @fbchess play white or @fbchess play black instead of the previous command (@fbchess play). As always, white pieces start first.

Tomorrow we’ll look at how you play the game and learn playing command and how to end a game.

~ Yogesh