Vartkes has a problem with his phone. He writes: “I have a question to Steve about my 5\" 5MP Dual Sim Android 5.1 Smartphone Quad Core Unlocked 3G/GSM Cell Phone. What should I do to transfer my pictures from the last vacation to my PC? I tried with USB cable provided with, but no result. Do you know the site for help or manufacturer site? there was a little piece of paper for manual not any website for support.”

Without a brand name, I couldn’t begin to guess. There are thousands of different manufacturers of Android devices out there. But I do have some general tips for transferring photos from Android devices.

Usually, when you plug in an Android device, your PC acts as if you’ve just put in a flash drive and a window will pop up giving you options.


If that doesn’t happen, try going to This PC or My Computer in File Explorer to see if your device is displaying as a removable drive. You should then be able to click on your storage card or photos files to open them and then transfer to your PC.  If it is not, you still have some options.


There’s always the possibility of an equipment problem. Have you tried with another cable? There could be an issue with the cable. Have you tried plugging the cable into another USB port? Because there could be an issue with the USB port.

Does your phone offer expandable storage? If you have a microSD care in there, you can always transfer the photos to the card and then put the card in a card reader hooked up to your PC.


The simplest solution is probably just to use a cloud service. Transfer your images to Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox and then download them onto your PC from there.


~ Cynthia