Windows 7 Is Still Top Operating System

Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system out there. According to stats from NetMarketShare, the OS can be found on nearly 52% of computers in use. Windows 10 is coming on strong, though. The new OS is currently found on 14% of PCs and will probably see a surge in numbers as we get closer to the end of Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.


Windows 8 and 8.1 can be found on 12% of PCs and XP is still on nearly 11% of PCs, despite the fact that security support ended two years ago. Vista runs on close to 1.5% of PCs.

Mac OS X 10.11 can be found on 4% of computers and 10.10 runs on 2%. While Linux users are extremely loyal, less than 2% of home users are running a Linux-based system.

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  1. I had downloaded but not installed Win10 but was very happy with Win 7 I had been using–for some reason my computer decided to install Win 10 by itself–still can’t figure out how it did that–so now I am stuck (and I do mean STUCK) with Win 10–Really hate it and wish I had my old Win 7 back

  2. I have tried to get windows 10 but when it has installed all I get is a blank white screen. I had to return to 7. Then I tried several more times with the same results, so now I shall not try again and keep to my favourite 7

  3. I had Vista for many years on my HP Pavilion but decided to upgrade to Windows 10 while it was free. I ran Windows 10 for a long while and realized that I needed to update some of my drivers, which was easy to do. I am VERY happy with Windows 10.

  4. I have always upgraded to the newest OS as soon as possible, starting with XP and now on WIN 10. I just don’t see the point of sticking with an old, out of date OS.

  5. I have Windows 7 on 2 desktops and 8.1 on a laptop…I upgraded to Windows10 on the laptop, didn’t mind it at all untill two weeks ago it went haywire…I updated in November 2015 but was still able to take it back to Factory Settings..Windows8…I had a lot of updates to install but happy with 8.1 again .

  6. Something must be wrong with my way of thinking. (of course-a BUT)!
    Windows 10 in coming on strong behind the most liked “Windows 7”, because it is being pushed down customers throat.
    I will hang on to my Vista, till the end, who knows: maybe no one will be using their computers by then.

    1. Jeb – Vista will only be supported until April of next year. After than time, it won’t be safe to go online with it.

  7. I am running windows vista on my desktop computer because windows 7 wouldn’t install correctly with the free upgrade disk. It kept going into a restarting loop saying windows 7 couldn’t run. Reverting to windows vista. then it restarts and does the same thing again. Fortunately I had cloned the hard drive. so I could go back to vista.
    I had win 7 on my laptop and did the free upgrade to win 10. Now the display is too bright and the brightness controls do nothing. I went to the display settings in the control panel and there isn’t any brightness control there so now it is only good for a flashlight. By the time I found out that for the first 30 days I could have went back to win 7 it was too late. I probably could reload win 7 from the restore disks but I haven’t had the patience. The display is too bright to look at. I think microsoft is trying to disable all older computers so we will be forced to buy new ones.

  8. My main computer, a desktop, and my primary laptop have Windows 7. I also have a laptop with Windows Vista because I support several family members that have similar laptops running Vista. I also have a laptop that dual boots Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

  9. I am so fed up with Microsoft making every new version needlessly different and more difficult and complex, and even more fed up with the increasingly frequent and confusing gratuitous nag messages that I tried a couple of versions of Linux. I found I was not quite smart enough to make it work for all the functions I need. I’m sure it would be great if I just had someone to teach me.

  10. I tried Windows 10 3 times on my Gateway PC and had to revert back to 8.1 all 3 times. Biggest problem was getting online. It worked for about a week and then all I got was the running circle and would not connect to the internet. Decided I would not take any more chance with it. 8.1 works fine. I also have a Gateway running Windows 7. When I tried to convert it I had problems. Went back to win 7. A few months later tried Windows 10 again and this time after having a bunch or problems tried to go back to Windows 7 and it gave me some type of error and locked me up completely. Had to bring it to a repair shop and it cost me $150.00 to restore system. could not get my backups to work. Lost all data. Will take my chances with win 7 and 8.1

  11. Windows 7 Pro and Windows XP Pro on two computers and Linux Ubuntu on 1 computer. Still have a working Atari 800 XL and Commodore Amiga. Still run on occasion Dos 6.2 and Windows 98se.

  12. I am using Windows 7 Pro, but only because I couldn’t replace my Windows 7. Still like it. Used Windows 10 for about two while waiting for the new computer, and still happy with my Windows 7.

  13. I use windows 10 one one of my computers my windows 7 pro key was made invalid by microsoft. I have another computer that is running windows 7 pro and i keep getting a message to upgrade to windows 10. I will not do that on this computer as I think windows 7 is better than windows 10. I don”t know if what microsoft did to me is legal, but I think a class action against microsoft should take place.

    1. If you actually had a genuine copy of Windows and got that error, you can contact Microsoft. A receipt for the purchase of the PC or your Windows 7 download or Discs should do it for you. The only issue you could run into is if a computer tech actually did install a non-genuine version of Windows.

  14. I have Windows 7. I keep getting messages to schedule update to Windows 10 but so far haven’t scheduled.

  15. I had Win 7 but upgraded tp Win 10 when it became available. Absolutely no regrets.
    Win 7 was great but Win 10 I think is much better, faster with lots of features such as Cortana.

  16. Still using Vista…will I now have to look for a new computer and Windows 10? When will support actually end….May 1st?

  17. I have Windows 10 only because my PC caught on fire and burnt to a crisp and I had to buy a new one.I really wish I was back with my XP

  18. Had Windows 8.1 and updated to Windows 10 as soon as it was available.
    I have no regrets. It is different in some ways but also the same in some ways.
    The upgrade was seamless.

  19. Still using Vista on my older laptop, cannot upgrade, not enough memory.
    Using 10 on my newer laptop after upgrading from 8.1. Have had it for a while and am liking it. No issues so far.

  20. My newest PC runs Windows10, my donated PC, which is faster than the newer one runs Windows7, and another older PC still runs Windows XP for my older Music Studio software. The best thing about Windows 10 is that it sets up on top of your existing OS, if it’s 7,8, etc.

  21. Will my Word Perfect documents continue to work in Windows 10. You are going UGH why is she still using that program. The reason is, I can do some much more in Word Perfect that Word is capable of. The older version of Windows 7 worked better than what is one my computer that is year old.

    1. You’ll need to check that the version of Word Perfect that you have on your PC is compatible with Windows 10.

  22. I have 10 on my laptop but have 7 on my desktop. Was going to change desktop but would have to take it back to factory settings per HP. I actually was glad that it couldn’t be done because I like 7 a lot better.

  23. I upgraded to Windows 10 when I tried to get 8.1 and they said “Nope, you have to upgrade to Windows 10.” It looked kind of weird at first but, I now love it because of its many cool features. Glad I waited until now because more sites are compatible with this version and others say they will adjust to include it in the future.

  24. I am still using Windows 7 and reluctant to install Windows 10. I hear such conflicting stories! My computer is almost 2 years old but, according to Microsoft, it “Windows 10 Ready”. Because Windows 10 is new, I am inclined to upgrade but have held off since every time I think I’ll do it, I read some horror story that someone else has experienced.

    1. Windows automatically upgraded me without even “reserving” it! Since I fear doing certain things on my computer (like this, for example), I contacted the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they walked me through what to do next. So far, Win 10 has not been a problem. I did, however, also have to update my AOL to their current version (which AOL did for me). I feared upgrading to Win 10 so much, that now I see there’s no problem at all…… desktop looks the same.

  25. I too was petrified- and was planning on doing itthat day, [I gained my confidence right here -WorldStart – I touched nothing-then, poof- my PC greeted me-saying ‘Welcome to Windows 10’ I held my breath as I watched the circle going around…seemed reasonable to me [I do have a lot of photography and documents on my PC]…took about 45 minutes.
    All is well -I had to remove all those bloated & unnecessary tiles / made small icons – put everyting the way I wanted it….not bad…whew! Not bad at all.
    All folders and files in place…one of my print shops -sometimes ‘burps’ and Win 10 tells me it’s not compatible…but we fool it…-so take the plunge…
    I tutor computer and now I feel more confident taking someone through it.
    I like my clean simple screen-with the black satin background!
    Again, thanks to WorldStart and Cynthia!!
    Meha / Northbrook,IL

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